Bastion’s Christmas After-Party

Bastion requires preparation. Pax is usually large crowd. There are high expectations as Hollins runs tight ship. Fashion-forward faux pas are frowned upon. AO is St. Gabriel Catholic Church so there is an arch-angel lurking around. It can be intimidating beat-down. NOT! Twenty-one made the right choice, and it as game-on.


Slo-mo roll around parking lot to mark four corners and COP to get it revved up. Four corners circuit work where good looks mattered more than speed or strength. Wahoo won. A lot of merkins. Stop-by at the hotbox proved warm but unsatisfactory. Burpee-fest. Public display of F3’s finest on the corner of Sharon and Providence with derkins of the wall was early commuter crowd-pleaser. Back on campus there was only two minutes for Mary and hot-trot to launch spot, one minute of overtime. 2.45-mile loop, overall. Finally, there was COT where we started and closing prayer took us into the day better than when we arrived.

Nekkid News

Extra credit was one-on-one with one for lil’ Shiner. Bad advanced PR? Nonexistent. Many regulars were missing, starting with sensei Hollins. Plenty of Christmas after-party cheer to go around. Coach was in his best Vince Lombardi impersonation…sort of. Worm-regular Stogie posted for first-ever Bastion beating. Yes, Sump is a limitless stream of news you can use: announcements, prayer requests, recipes, driving instructions, etc. Who needs online fake news, anyway? Great to see so many 30-year-olds with ancient wood, old-growth forest. Always a pleasure to be with like-minded men of purpose. Bastion is solid. Until next time: Peace be with you, gents.


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