The George H.W. Bush Memorial

Pax: 41. The Thang: In the photo. Click to expand if you care that much.

Almost setting a record here for elapsed time between a workout and the backblast. Truth is, I’m a little out of the Q’ing routine, and completely out of the backblast (gosh damnit, why does our own auto-correct keep trying to make me write “backlist”?!?!? Somebody fix this thing!!!) routine, seeing that the #BigBank caught onto our little cult and blocks access to now, and I sure as heck didn’t have time to write this during 10 days at home over the holiday. So yeah, I’m sorry this blacklist or backblast or whatever is late.

Anyway, the GHW Bush. Wasn’t planning on that being what is was, but since 41 devoted souls showed up that morning, and we were still in a period of mourning (see what I did there??) for Dubya’s Daddy, it seemed appropriate.

This was another attendance record for YHC at Bastion. I don’t know where the Bastion mojo comes from – I couldn’t keep a workout alive across the street despite 3 tries (see “A Brief History of F3 Armor, versions 1, 2 and 3,” co-authored by Malko, Y’Unz, Want Ad and Fake News), but for some reason, the boys come out of the woodwork for my Bastion days. I get really lucky with the weather – it was like 56 degrees this mid-December day, which almost made Chico show up. But then he heard there would be burpees, so he opted for #hydra instead.

For those curious (i.e., no one) the “3-2-1” was a “burpee challenge” of 3 minutes of AYG burpees, then run up and down the hill, then 2 minutes and a run, then 1. Dredd questioned why that was called a “challenge,” as he doesn’t quite get the whole YouvsYou concept. It’s on page 32 – just after the Dolphins and Concertina wire part.

We found a shoe on the sidewalk of Sharon Lane. Grapevine and several others had bad gas, which cleared out sections at a time. Only dawned on me later that GasX was there, and could have maybe helped out. Scrappy went to Colgate U., not Catholic. Kirk dressed like he was atop Mount Washington; Girardi looked ready for a photo shoot in Central Park.

That’s all I remember. Someone announced the New Year’s Day convergence, but that’s already happened, so I won’t mention it here. Except that I just did.

Thanks Hollins for the keys. RIP GHW Bush. Thousand points of light.


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