First Splinter Group Run – 2019

The PAX showed up anxious to start fulfilling those resolutions.  Five with packs as they Rucked their way out of the AO, the rest ready for some simple running.  Running taking on new meaning with the DRM challenge (subtract your age from 600; that number is the total goal for the number of times you post and the number of miles you run for 2019).  DRM always making us better!

This is what we did:

20x:  SSHs, IWs, planks – left arm and leg high, flapjack

Then off to the run:  out the AO to Hastings, to QR West (left), to QR East, stop for the six – 10x:  John Travoltas and Freddie Mercurys

Back up QR West to Resford – runners split up: 2.8 miles to the left and back to the AO, 3.1 miles to the right to Christ Church parking lot via Hampton – 20 x Merkins and Dips

Back to Hampton – hello to Belk – to Portland, left on Beverly and right on Sherwood then back to the AO – Torpedo leading the way

Finished up with some Dollys and Rosalitas – 20x

No, announcements

Takeout – Rocketman – grateful for so much:  USA, Our Community, F3

An honor to lead these men today!  Aye!


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