Hell No, We’re not going to the Hot Box

16 Pax, 15 of which thought they were going to the Hot Box this morning were highly disappointed as we headed in the other direction far away from the friendly confines and it went a little something like this.

Run down Montclair stopping at Chandler Pl for 5 burpees OYO.  Keep going to Rutledge and do 5 more burpees OYO.

Run down Rutledge to the half pipe.  Run 7’s on the pipe.  Starting with 6 Makhtar Ndiaye burpees on one end and 1 jump squat on the other.  Just for good measure stop at the bottom each trip and do 5 diamond merkins. Plank Jacks – 15x.

Run up Rutledge to Fielding Ave. and partner up.  Partner one down Fielding to Kingcross and partner two the other way down Gresham to Kingcross.  Meet at Kingcross and do 20 partner derkins each, run back to Rutledge and do 20 more partner derkins each.

Run down Rutledge to Chandler Pl. stopping at each light pole and do 10 Diamonds (50 total).

Down to the bottom of Chandler and partner up again.  Partner wheelbarrow to the top of Chandler to Montclair.  Run back down to the bottom and backwards run up Chandler to Montclair.

Run down to the bottom of Montclair.  Russian Twists – 20x. On your belly and sprint back to Trinity parking lot.



– Good crowd today considering the rain. Only a few of us there with about a couple minutes to spare, then a see PAX coming in like a parade from the other side of the church. Not sure anymore where we are supposed to meet, St. Gabes, PUMC, who knows. The PAX have been getting used to going to the Hot Box the last couple of weeks.  Not YHC, not happening, not today. Homey don’t play that.  About had a mutiny as we took a right down Montclair into the gloom. I thought it may just be a few of us left.  As I say, you need to stay uncomfortable. 3.6 miles traveled this morning and solid work by everyone out there today.  The Rutledge half pip will wear you down.

– Nantan was worried about time today and tried to keep a tight ship. I have selective hearing sometimes but I think we were only a minute late.  Heard some mumble chatter about Imperial Walkers as well from someone.  If you know me by now, homey don’t play that either.

– Announcements

– Nantan kept it to a minimum this morning.  Said something about Suffolk Punch making an F3 Beer.  I think it’s a 10% Double IPA Stout.  Who knows, all I know is the first round is on the Nantan.  Drink up fellas.

– Chowda mentioned he needs some Q’s for the next couple of weeks.  Hit him up if you would like to step up to the plate.

Thanks Reboot for the takeout and always a pleasure to lead these men into the gloom.

Peace Out,

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