Sunshine at the Rock Pile

Big turnout today at MIP.  We had sunshine, crisp cool air, and work to do.  We got to it: at the wall, the parking lot, and the rock pile.  Here is what went down:

START Stretch shoulders + Hamstring + ITB + belly >> SSH, Merkins, Sharon Towers, etc
Wall (2X) Donkey Kicks / Peoples Chair w Air Presses.  Repeat 3X
Fence Squats
Rock Pile Curls, Tricep extensions, presses.  Repeat 3X
100’ run


10X/2X countdown + run loop:

Plank Jacks / Burpees

Flat spot


Plank hip slaps / bird dogs / Rosalitas / Plank Jacks / dollies / dying cockroach / Rock Hoppers / Jump Squats / Stump Jumpers / LBCs
Finish Stretch shoulders + Hamstring + ITB + belly

A good time was had by all.  Big turnout is always fun.  We had a lot of guys from the center there, which is always the richest part.  It is a reminder of the great satisfaction that comes from supporting people who a committed to personal goals.

It is always rewarding for me to Q this fine bunch, and I am grateful for the opportunity.


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