CORE – let 2019 begin!

So my friends, here we are, 2019.  I, for one, cannot wait – the prior years have been great but the future, with all its promise and uncertainty, is ahead!  Together let’s make it a great one!  14 strong set out to make that so!

For this Q, I went back to 2013 and one of my first Qs which was inspired by DRM and Flea.  Then I added a few new moves learned in 2018.  The few moves resulted in more than their fair share of moans and grips (priceless).

This is what we did:

A.  Circle up – 20x then 15x:  SSH, IWs, Planks (left arm/leg high, regular, right arm/leg high), Sharon Towers, Merkins, Squats, Lunges, Superman (2x, 45 seconds)

B.  To the BELLS:  20x, 10x:  Military Press, One Arm Presses (L/R), Tricep Extensions, Upright Rows, Curls, Lawnmowers, Goblet Squats

C.  To the top of the deck with Merkins and Squats along the way at every level.  11s:  Leg raise to top wire, LBCs / 11s: Squats/Bulgarian Split Squats

D.  To the playground:  3x: 5 – pull ups, 10 – Knee Ups, 15 – Dips, 20 – People’s Chair with 20 air presses

E.  Circle Up:  Merry:  15x: low/slow flutters, Dollys, Rosalitas, Greg Louganis


FNG – Charcoal’s son – WEBBER, welcome!

Pigskin – thoughtfully, took us out.

Pleasure to lead these men!  Aye!




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