New Year, New Pax, Same Old Mustang

21.5 kicked off the 2019 season of Mustang in style.

Here’s what we did:

Down to the brick arches for an easy warm-up of boat/canoe (side straddle hops are so 2018)

Up Colony towards Selwyn: 5 diamonds then increase by 1 at every cross street and speed bump.

Quick set of flutters then grab some wall at the former Barre studio.

  • feet on the wall for parker peters x 12 and hold
  • hip slappers

no one face planted, so we continued on Selwyn across Woodlawn and down Pinehurst to the Wakefield Dr loop. Dollies to catch your breath.

  • partner up and head in opposite directions. 10 merkin hand slaps when you meet. Sumo squat jumps so the legs don’t get cold. 10 burpees.
  • partners reverse direction and repeat.

AYG up Wakefield Dr. hill to Selwyn. Quick set of bicycles.

Selwyn back across Woodlawn and stop at the bike shop parking lot.

  • 8’s with xfit merkins and plank jacks (slight tightening sensation in the chest)

down Brandywine, rt on Hillsdale over to the Wales hill.

  • wheelbarrow to the top with a merkin every 3rd step.
  • bear crawl back down the hill

Back out to Brandywine and down the hill to the Greenway.

  • 8’s with squat thrusts and Russian twists

From bottom of Brandywine:

  • AYG to the 1st speed bump – 10 wide-arms
  • to the stop sign – 10 wide-arms
  • to the next speed bump – 10 wide-arms
  • to Selwyn – 10 wide-arms

Back to the Barre studio for wall sits.

Back down Colony the same way we came up with increasing diamonds.

Back to the arches for boat/canoe.

AYG home.



      • New Year’s resolutions seemed to be in effect for a few.  Former Mustang regulars The Show and Dark Warrior came out of hiding.  Albatross said it had been a couple years.
      • Pretty good crowd to start the year with some very young guys, some pretty not young guys, several newer guys, some bat flipperz, in addition to the regulars.
      • Proehl is Metro’s new #1 headlocker with new teammates with him every time he posts.
      • Pretty wide range of speed out there but we managed to all make it back but one.  Cindy ran so fast he couldn’t put the brakes on when we passed the bike store and we never saw him again.
      • Kiwi showed impressive 6:14 speed on the final AYG.
      • Merrell’s got dibs on next week’s take-out as his split-second hesitation opened the door plenty wide for Swiper.
      • RW, appreciate the Q invitation call-out 

Monkey with a reminder that Billingsville is back in session and needs you, as does MIP!


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