SIB: Let the Games Begin

Let’s start with last week’s backblast so Disney gets full credit for attendance. Missed the rest of you. (The inference in this sentence is that someone is reading BBs….crickets.)

1/1/2019: Two pax (Disney, Nash). Timed intervals: 10 x (2 min hard, 1 min recover). Plus warm up and cool down. Rest of the gang still asleep. Good start to the new year.

Week 2:

Last round for the AM lovers … I’ma keep on running this *$&#

No FNGs. EZ’s got his vest. Cindy is number 1. Looking at the pax list we’ve got Verbal, Keaton, McManus and all the (well you know).

Is it intervals or hills today Thin Slice wants to know. Yes, indeed it is. Some timed, some distance. Some downhill, mostly up. Sharon Rd, Westminster Place, QRE, Malvern and even Tanglewood is surprisingly uphill. We got about 7.5 miles (rounded to 9).

Couple of pax got new lights for Xmas. Good call.

Farmer Ted breathing down my neck most of the morning – until the last interval when he got tired of jogging and crushed everyone. Thank you to Popper for taking us out at the end.

Goal for 2019: Be a people person (lot of work to do).

Other SIB goals: 1. Make it hurt. 2. Keep it fair. 3. No “very special” episodes – love you all but save sentimentality for somewhere else.

Next week is timed intervals. TBD but skewed towards longer vs shorter.

FOOTNOTE: totally plagiarizing Adam, Jack and Ryan for this BB.






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