BLISS under the Bright Star

First there were 6, then there were 8, which is how many finished.

We started off talking about the political discussions from the night before which helped to warm everyone up, or at least increase their blood flow.

Here’s what happened next:

Run to field for:
Mountain Climbers

Line up on goal line for the start of total BLISS:
Bear Crawl 5 yds
Lunge Walk 5 yds
Imperial Walkers 5x
(Backward run to goal line)
Squats 5x
Bear Crawl 10 yds
Lunge Walk 10 yds
Imperial Walkers 10x
(Backward run to goal line)
Squats 10x

Repeat the pattern up to Bear Crawling to the 50 yardline.

This ended up being:
275 yards of Bear Crawls and Lunge Walks
550 yards of Backward Run
275 Imperial Walkers and Squats

Karaoke length of track
Mosey to other straight section
Karaoke length of track in other direction

Mosey to stadium for
One lap up the and down the stairs

And back for parking lot for COT

Total BLISS was obtained by everyone, including Nibbler.

Oscar was called on to do extra credit after reaching Total BLISS, which means he was out in front of the pax the entire time.  He was also out in front with bringing an FNG – Welcome LLC originally from Wilmington, Delaware.

Willy and I reminisced about my last Q involving a lot of IWs, a whole lot more than it took to reach Total BLISS.

Monk and Chowda tried to sneek in to COP without anyone noticing, but they were 25% of the Pax, so it only took Nibbler 30 minutes to notice that Chowda was there.

Pigskin continues to build The Charge.  It really is the nicest Metro Wednesday AO.  There is not a speck of dirt to be found.

I look forward to spending less time in Total BLISS and more time in the stands or on the track next time I Q.



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