PAX: Rhapsody, Chick’n, Foreclosure, Fett, Linchpin, Uncle, the Tick, Orange Whip, Horn, Stinger, Panda, Snap Fade, Medulla, Spooky

Q: Purple Alibi

Got off to an uneasy start with Linchpin and Fett kibitzing about how Promo Q’s used to be there for EC.  Sorry, not happening boys.

Started off with a mile-ish run with intermittent supersets of low-slow merkins follow by OYO regular merkins.  Medulla and Spooky begged off after set 2 and power-walked the track for the rest of the morning.

Followed up with 3 sets of wall-walks/burpee/Randolph middle laps then partner wheelbarrows up the steps.

finished with 3 track laps broken up with 15/10/5 burpee sets and bear crawls the width of the track and back.

Chicken was unusually cheerful this morning.  Wouldn’t shut the hell up about what a beautiful morning it was and how happy he was to be out there.

Announcements: Tutor at Billingsville people.

Pipeline–I owe you that backblast i promised.  It’s up next.



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