Mucho correr

What a day at SharkTank. Quality was off the charts. Most all of my favorite pax were in attendance. If only Hillary was there. I suspect he was at Sweet 6 with Swamp and Cindy.

What’d we do?

1st 15

  • To the Target deck. Up the ramps to the top. X-fit merkins, SJS’s at every stop.

Main event

  • Run the greenway. COP around the fountain (I was IN the fountain. Craaaazy).
  • Run to Freedom Park stopping at every bride for 10 burpees.
  • To the hilly hill thing. The hill with the hills. Do we have a name for that? Jacob’s ladder
  • Mary/Plank
  • To Hamburger Hill. Partner carry, wheelbarrow to the top.
  • Run down dark hollow trail.
  • Al Gore’s to wait at Greenway.
  • Back down Greenway home.
  • COT


All told we pushed 5.3 miles including EC. What a world. I think we stopped sufficiently for everyone to stay together. Decided to stay off the roads today. Although the 1 road we did have to cross on our way back home proved to be slightly problematic. We all made it.

Apparently WIB went to the ST Greenway and ST went to Freedom Park. Opposite week? What else was opposite? Freeloader was at ST. There’s that.

Dredd was very quiet today. And a pronounced unease settled in on the pax.

Tormund was back in action today after an extended hamstring injury. Welcome back bearded millennial. He even got his bumper fixed for the occasion. I guess he isn’t a millennial. But he is definitely bearded.

Doc(k) and I shared the prayer. Ain’t that cute.

Nice work Snoop. 4 STs in a row. Woof, woof. As it were.

Lots of running, not as much talking on this crisp morning. The important thing is that the studs were out. SharkTank thrives.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.



Until next time. 

Your friend,


One thought on “Mucho correr

  • January 11, 2019 at 9:25 am

    Nice lead Slaughts! I have heard the “hill with the hills” referred to as the “Hill of Hills.” Seems pretty accurate. It’s pretty hilly. I think that was around the time that you were asking STH to critique your astrology jokes.

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