Just gettin’ it done like we always do

Been cold and wet for about the last 4-5 Friday’s so the Attila pax had had enough of the parking decks, although we’re thankful we have them.  Today it was just cold.  But not for long.  The Attila jabber and chatter gets heated well before the bell rings at 5:30.

Mosey to park.  Warmo consists of jogging from sideline to sideline with the normal SSH, IW, MC and Copperhead squats at each stop.

Get the party started with a round of Buddy Burpees.  Partner up.  Alternating man-maker burpees starting with 1 rep, then 2, then 3 … up to 10.

Few minutes of Mary led by Pigskin till all finish.

Mosey to Greenway rails.  15 jump ups, 15 wall squats, and 15 derkins.  Rinse and repeat with 12 reps and once again with 10 reps.

Mosey to Dresslers stage.  Bear crawl down steps to lower level walls.

Three rounds of dips, Bulgarian butt busters, reverse grip inclines, and reverse upside down elevated Peter Parker.  (Forget the number of reps we did each round.  It was whatever I felt I could do at the time.)

Mosey back to rails for one round of decline Travolta, then back to field.

Prisoner getups on one side, across, then WWII sit-ups on the other.  From one sideline to the other we did backward run, Karoake, AYG sprint, side shuffles, and lunge walk.  Started with 10 reps and worked our way down to 6 reps before time was up.

Beautiful, no rain, 26 degree morning at Attila.  Tesla with the takeout.  Grapevine translating.

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