Bad Back

My goal was to make this a ‘back friendly’ workout, since my lower back has been bothering me.



SSH; Merkins; Heels to heaven;

IW; Shoulder slap Merkins; Bicycle

Windmill; Stagger arm Merkin; Flutter

Squats; Stagger arm Merkins; Dolly

Lunges; Diamonds; Rosalitas


Next, we partnered up;

Partner 1 takes both kettlebells and ‘farmer carries’; ultimate goal is the top of the Parking deck

Partner 2 does 10 merkins and then catches up.


At the top, we kept the partners;

Partner 1 runs to the bottom of the stairs, over to the other stairs, up the stairs and returns while partner does 20 presses, 20 triceps, 20 hammer curls, 20 back presses, 20 pullovers; do these, or as much as possible, until partner 1 returns.

Repeat with 15, then 10 and then 5. We waited after each round so that we started the following round together.


Next, we returned back to the bottom of the deck with farmer’s carries and merkins.


At this point, with about 15 minutes left, Skoal offered to take over, something I was glad to allow. Skoal channeled his inner ‘Martin’ and had us do KB swings, SSHs, Burpees and repeat.


A mosey around the field, a little stretching and it was 8:00.



Hoedown has the Q next week, celebrating his 57th birthday. When he announced the Q, he said something I misunderstood as ‘hinds 57’. I figured, ‘I’m not coming to that’. But what he really said was ‘Heinz 57’. As in ‘pickles’ and ‘ketchup’.


This Tuesday at Christ Church on Providence; Mike Shildt, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, will speak; 7:00 AM; Breakfast covered by Ditka; come as you are;


Safety; We need to be careful when we are running. GAAP mentioned two runners, one from FIA and one from F3, who died when hit by cars (2 different incidents). We need to wear reflective clothes, keep on sidewalks when practical, stick to the left side of the street and be alert.


Takeout: by Ditka


Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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