Vacation from hell

19 brave souls braved the cold and the scourge known as Parks and Rec to overcome what would be best classified as The Vacation from Hell! 3 FNG joined the group for the chance at greatness including one on crutches! Welcome Scooby Doo, Watson and Braveheart

Mosey for one lap
Side straddle hop (SSH)
The Dolly
High Dolly

Dying Cockroach—
Flutter kick—
RECOVER–RKD called for “Vacation”

Vacation took over and…
Mosey to neighborhood for hills and 7’s
Top hill Burpees Bottom of hill Squats
Mosey over to creek for Rock
Squat and Rock
Sit-up and rock pass

RKD took back the Q
Rock N Ladder (2 sets—divide group in half)

Vacation took back the Q
Mosey to railing (Spiderman)
Mosey back to field

RKD takes back the Q

Chin ups and bleacher step ups x3 to close out

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  • January 13, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    RKD! Naming FNGs, posting backblast with no prompting. You’re Official!

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