Bastion – Flying in Formation (mostly)!

29 Pax rolled out for a crisp morning at Bastion. The pre-blast mention about bodies of water was a topic of concern/discussion, but the Q wasn’t about to tip his hand this early. As “follow me” was uttered while still being able to see YHC’s breath….Hollins and the EC crew rolled back into the AO. Off we went!


  • Mosey across/down Providence to Trinity parking lot for a quick COP: SSHx20, Copperhead squatx15, wide arm merkinx15, hold the plank, right foot to right hand (yes, that was actually a stretch in Metro…which caught a few, including our resident “runner”, off guard), flapjack.
  • Short mosey to Rutledge/Fielding corner — partner up for a short game of Catch Me If You Can (P1 Run, P2 3x burpees and catch up). Important notes: 1) Runners seem to love burpees — who knew! 2) Alphabet was off like a rocket, 3) Always make sure you pay attention to what your partner is wearing BEFORE he leaves (sorry Robo, took me a while to find you first leg). Plank it up for the 6.
  • Across Providence on Cavendish (this is where Carrier picked up on the Cloisters destination)…and muster the troops at the darkest spot I could find on Warrington for some Mary (poor recon by the Q): 20 LBC, 20 Dolly, 15 or 20 box cutters (hard to remember and count from laughing due to the chatter about the box cutter).
  • Head into the Cloisters (Carrier’s home territory)…plank it up at Pickwick and Cloisters to wait for the 6,  find your partner:
    • Partners go opposite directions around the Cloisters lake (body of water as advertised) — 5 merkins each driveway — 15 handslap merkins when you meet.
    • Partners continue opposite sides around the lake — 5 jump squats at each driveway — 10 partner derkins.
    • 10 count
  • Form two lines for indian run back to Warrington — this is where it gets a little messy:
    • First couple hundred yards was a little bit of a jailbreak mentality — 3 and 4 wide, people running inside the line/outside the line/serpentine, scaring dog walkers etc…
    • But the Pax settled in after some coaching and heckling from the rule followers (or those that actually paid attention)to directions.
    • And as we made the turn from Cloister on to Warrington, something amazing and beautiful happened…this haphazard  bunch (under sub-standard leadership) tightened up the lines, running in almost perfect cadence and spacing, made the turn with the two lines in perfect parallel, so smooth like it was on RAILS! The Q was lucky enough to be near the back to see this miracle take place! GOOD WORK GENTS!
  • Pitstop at Cavendish for another round of Mary: 20 oblique crunches, 20 Rosalita, 10 boxcutters (chatter included) and back across Providence….which, with almost 30 men and this time of morning, is no picnic.
  • Head back up to Providence toward the AO, brief stop for plank and the 6. Take it all the way up to Providence/Sharon Amity (3 froggers across Providence is nerve racking for any Q,  so this one wasn’t pushing his luck…..crosswalks required for #4). A few squats waiting for the light, and hotstep it back to the parking lot to quiet the clock watchers in the group!


ANNOUCEMENTS – None….absolutely none. A little disconcerting, but I’ll take it as the bit of extra mileage had the intended impact.

Tebow with an uplifting take out. Thanks Tebow for sending us all into the day with our minds right. Thanks to the Pax for having the faith (or foolishness) to follow YHC off in gloom yet again. Big thanks and shout out to Hollins for the opportunity and support to lead….and for running a tight ship at Bastion with strong numbers week in and week out. GOOD WORK!

YHC – Boonedoggle



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