SIB: No thank you, is what I should have said…

I should be in bed.

We had 9 for SIB. Federalist showed up about 30 seconds late and took a wrong turn on Ferncliff. Will leave breadcrumbs out next time.

Today’s workout – ~7 min warm up, 9 rounds of 3 min hard/2 min recover, ~5 min cool down.

Back at AG by 6:10 much to Cindy’s continuing frustration.

Foul Ball leads off the workout announcing he’s not going to run fast or something. Which really means that he is going to crush the field – but only by a little bit. Anyway he appears well rested. Could not tell if everyone was counting on the 9th interval. Thought I heard Shawshank say that he was mentally thinking 8 rounds but everyone had something left for round 9. Except for Horn. I think he was faster on the cooldown than the last couple of intervals. Pacing is an art.

Foxcroft proper. We had to navigate a surprisingly busy Sharon Ln – Lee’s headlamp made it feel like we were an extra car on the road. Couple of cul-de-sac loops on the fancy pants side of the neighborhood plus using some streets we don’t normally try and the whole pax is turned around. Long intervals do not help the internal GPS function. Combined with darkness and we might not have made it back based on how turned around some pax were (yes I’m talking about you).

Well we are 3 weeks into the year and I’m fresh out of ideas. Guess we will keep running fast. In theory next week is AYG sprints but it seems early in the season for that. We will mix it up again next week. Most likely timed intervals but will vary the length.

Need a substitute Q on Tuesday 2/5.

Have a good week.



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