9 men took on Bandit and this is what we done dids:

The Thang:

Appetizer:  Run the pre-described loop around the lake…just a little faster than normal…so that with the extra, extra time we can hit the basketball court at the entrance of the park for 2-4-8-4-2 burpee-squat couplet…and return home with 10 seconds to spare.  #Qmaster

Main Course:

Up East to Cumberland for SSHs

Down Cumberland to back entrance of the park, with 3 separate stops for squats, mountain climbers and flutters, respectively

Lurker Circuit:  Run to rails by “that building in the parking lot” for supine 20 pull-ups, run up Lurker, with x10 chest-to-ground-shoulder-tap merkins at each speedbump and at the top, running backwards between the speedbumps (#longerthanyouthink), down Lurker, x10 chest-to-ground-shoulder-tap merkins at each speedbump again, back to bars again for 20 supine pull-ups

Mary in parking lot while we wait for six

COP Leg Work:  squats, sumo jump squats, jumping lunges, Baryshnikovs

AYG to top of the Lurker


Megatool Circuit:  Down to Princeton, 10 burpees, backwards run up Megatool (#aslongasyouthink), 10 burpees

Mary while we wait for six

Back down Lurker to rails…x20 IC(!) supine pull-ups…run down Stairway to Heaven and run back up to supine bars…x20 IC(!) supine pull-ups

Down stairs and head back home

Finish up with 2-4-8-4-2 burpee-squat couplet (#symmetry) at stop sign by baseball fields

Back home


Naked Moleskin:

Thanks, Sky Q — and the Entire Cyborg Design Team!  Holy rolled ankle, Batman!  YHC hit a shadowed pot hole freakin’ dead on within the first 3 minutes of the EC run.  Somehow I did not break it or sprain it nor go down but was very thankful to finish the EC run and the workout itself without appearing too worse for wear.  We’ll see how it feels later today but so far so good.  #blessed

Sheep Is Dismayed.  Always check the Twittersphere for who’s on Q.  Sheep did not and was, shall we say, less than enthused about chasing YHC and possibly doing more than what he had originally anticipated.  He survived and thrived though and appeared satisfied at the end.  #Hard=Good

Dover Holds It Together.  Dover was doing great during the EC run, but had to opt out of the SSHs at the first stop of the Main Course menu due to some acute gastrointestinal issue.  (Was it something on the Showmar’s menu board?)  Thankfully for all of us, no merlot was spilled and, stud that he is, Dover gutted out (see what I did there?) the rest of the workout and finished strong.

I Can’t Feel My Legs!  Thought that the normally totally lame, soooooo easy Lurker needed a little more oomph this morning so how about a series of leg exercises designed to initiate fatigue/muscle failure followed by an AYG up a long hill.  #keeper  Thin Slice crushed the AYG, by the way.  #firewood

Do Not Listen to Slice!  During the last round of supines, Sheep suggested (to Nautique I believe) to stick his tongue on the rails to see what would happen.  Slice took it to another highly inappropriate, NYC level.  #dirty  Thankfully, no one took either suggestion to task, but I may have to wash my brain out with soap (#donotattempt #disclaimer) to clean it from the filthiness that Slice brought to the table.

Thanks to Paula for the invite and for the rest of the crew for coming out today.  The Gloom was fantastic. 


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