It’s Tough Getting Old

So I’m sitting at my desk yesterday afternoon feeling the daily, post-lunch unrelenting urge to nap (this 4:45 wake-up thing is not good for afternoon productivity), and I was just starting to think about where I wanted to go in the morning – Am I really feeling Ranger? How long’s it been since I hit Promo? Can I justify sleeping in? Legs are kind of tired, maybe Bandit would be easier? Or Gamucci – nah, got to get up even earlier for that, and since it’s barely 30 out those guys may opt to circle around a space heater in the little covered shelter area. When all of the sudden CMD hits me with the DM. Not exactly a sign from the Sky Q, but it’ll do.

Here’s what we did:

Merkins x 15 and hold, parker peters x 15 and hold, xfits x 15 and hold.

Down the steps into the park and out to the Castle.

  • Partner up
  • Run the flats, partner carry the ramps, 5 burpees at the top of each
  • Flutters at the top to recover

Down the steps. AYG to the Grady Cole sign stopping at each crosswalk for 10 wide-arms.

Down Kings to Captain Jack and line up by the wall near Kings.

  • Run to the high wall – 10 jump-ups
  • Back to the starting wall – 10 declines.
  • Repeat x 5 rounds
  • Knee-ups and Russian twists

Up 4th to the deck at McDowell.

  • Backwards run the ramps, 10 SSJ’s at the top of each.
  • Makhtars at the top of the deck

Down to Lizzie Lurker.

  • Wheelbarrow to 1st crosswalk, back down
  • AYG to 2nd, 12 merkins and back down
  • AYG to Charlottetowne, 12 merkins

AYG home.


Skin (all Hillary quotes in Italics):

-Only 1 guy over 2 bills, and short straw went to Mr. Bo who made carrying Rofus (sp?) look easy. He did file an official protest afterwards however with Metro Management (good thing I’m no longer part of that)

-Ranger Kotter Kraut got stuck trying to chase Cesus in the Castle so he could jump on his back, but I think finally gave up and ran the ramps backwards.

-F3 Kotter Ballzy hasn’t lost speed or hops as he crushed the high wall jumps – although he’s light enough that coming down to earth may have been harder than the floating up part.

-Mayor McOwlBait claimed his city once again at the top of the 4th St. deck, bringing us back to an earlier, simpler time for F3.

Do we partner carry all of the ramps?

-What do we do at the top?

-How many burpees?

-I can’t see the crosswalk.

-How many wide-arms?

-How many rounds?

-Enough chatter, can we wrap this up TML?

-Me: Sure Hill why don’t you take us out.

-My lips are frozen.

-Me: You’ll be fine.

-Father God – swdfgbaewrubhorihenaoignvaeogvni

-Dredd: I got you Rifty.


-Prayers and Congrats to Starbuck and his M who are due for 2.0 #1 today!

-Blue Man Brother Curly, hope the Achilles is nothing serious.

-Concerns of Ranger’s demise were wholly unfounded, CMD. There will always be angry Metro pax in need of venting frustration.



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