Peaches and Crabcakes

Wonders never cease. Not in F3, not at Fortitude. Triple respect? Check. Returning Champs? Triple check. FNG? Check, check. Homeless men waking up at 5:00 in the morning to exercise, i.e. the miracle? Check.

What we did

  • Standard COP at the entrance as the pax gather. Windmills, good mornings, SSHs, merkins, squats, mountain climbers, rock hoppers, cotton pickers, all your old favorites.
  • Mosey to the best view of uptown behind the Auto Bell. Plan to wait for the 6.
  • Partner up. A runs the hill and back. B does SSHs, merkins, Carolina Dry docks. x 3.
  • Plank to wait.
  • Entire group runs the block. Backwards, lunge, karaoke, sprint. OR stay put and do SSH, air presses.
  • 6 minutes of Mary.
  • Return to shelter.
  • Gratitude round-up.
  • COT.

The skine

  • Hats off to the Shelter guests who joined us today. It was great having our old friend Kryptonite join us in his Flash Gordon outfit. Sweetness smoked me on the hill sprints (no big feat Sweetness!), and Kid Rock joined us for the photo op and some fellowship at the end.
  • Welcome to Peaches who hails from Georgia (sort of), and Crabcakes who told a gratitude story before COT that included the Lord and Crabcakes; easiest FNG naming ever.
  • A few of the pax weren’t able to mosey much with us, but they definitely had plenty of company to walk with them. Because of this we planked to wait quite a bit. Once we returned to base, I decided for an emotional plank. We went around the circle and had everyone give a gratitude up to the group. A humble experience for sure.
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you need something special added to your life or need a little motivation, come on out to Fortitude on Tuesday. You’ll find that something special there. It will come wrapped in motivation and humility. Thanks to Pipeline and Maradona who do an incredible amount of work to keep this thing going and keep our friends at the shelter coming out to spend time with up. And keep them in athletic gear and shoes.
  • Please sign up via the links on the home Metro page to participate in Monday night headlocking and Qing one of these workouts. We also always need gear and shoes for the guests, bring it with you some Tuesday morning. Use your F3 powers for good, come to Fortitude.

Until next time. 

Your friend,


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