WIB BB 2/15

The Circuit:

To the owl bars, 3 pull ups

To the playground, 3 pistol squats

To the stairs, 3 derkins

To the bars at the top, 3 inverted rows

To the Hill of Hills, Bear Crawl up, 3 burpees at top

Back to Owl Bars, add 3 reps each round until 15 ct, then start over at 3 ct.

A fine crew for an on campus circuit at WIB. Got a lot tougher as it went on, but no one seemed to be in too much of a hurry. With no DIB or Steroid to push Curly, he floated along, just out of reach all morning. Nothing exciting happened. Lots of time in my head. It’s scary in there.

Ice 9 wasn’t at WIB. Ice 9 took the Phoenix crew to the Mutha on Monday. Ice 9 doesn’t write backblasts. Ice 9 does crush souls. I heard once Ice 9 added 3 levels to the Mutha overnight so that it would look more ominous in the morning. He didn’t even take the Pax up it. Just wanted their hearts to break when they saw it looming overhead- that little notion that he has the power to add 3 levels to a parking deck overnight, and could take them up it if he wanted to.

Ice 9 took the Phoenix crew up the stairs. Ice 9 doesn’t do the spiral. At one point in the stairs Ice 9 yelled down “COME ON!” It wasn’t a nice yell, but Ice 9 doesn’t do nice yellsI really thought he was angry at me, but I was stuck behind Doobie and couldn’t pass. I think Loud Mouth really got scared, because on the next time up the stairs, Loud Mouth was right with Ice 9 at the front. Loud Mouth doesn’t run at the front. But Ice 9 does crush souls. I heard once that Ice 9 started controlling the traffic lights to turn green right when he arrived at intersections, just so pax would have to keep running. When this happens once in a workout, you can write it off. When it happens repeatedly, it starts to crush your soul. Not because the workout is hard, but more because this dude figured out to how to telepathically change the traffic lights, which means he’s smarter than you, and faster than you. His kids are better behaved, dog is trained to pick up it’s own poo, and he’s probably got Thin Slice bringing home-made pasta sauce to his house each Sunday because it’s delicious and Slice enjoys delivering it. And all of this you realize while you run under a green traffic light again.

But that was Monday, not WIB. but nothing exciting happened at WIB.

Next week, Steroid’s got the WIB Q. Bring your running shoes. After that Slaughter on 1/29, Nash on 2/5, Doobie on 2/12, Gandalf on 2/19, and Curly on 2/26.


3 thoughts on “WIB BB 2/15

  • January 16, 2019 at 9:03 am

    Yes! This is what I’m talking about! There is always something interesting to discuss. Well done CT.

  • January 16, 2019 at 10:08 am

    Has Sheep been seen since he disappeared on the stairs Monday? Kit was the missing pax at WIB. Great stuff CT.

  • January 16, 2019 at 1:22 pm

    CT. That was one tough circuit! The you versus you circuit for 35 minutes non-stop, doesn’t generally produce a great deal of mumble chatter, but it does produce a great deal of pain!

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