S6 BB: The Bodyguard

After a few pleasantries, PBo and Tom Sawyer started the run this morning with a heated debate about favorite artists.  Unsurprisingly, Tom Sawyer went with Rush.  More unexpected was PBo’s selection of Whitney Houston.  Spooky and I judged.  It was close and came down to a sing off but PBo really took it home with a stirring rendition of “I will always love you”.

Speaking of protection… Torpedo is a pretty fashion forward guy.  Lot of innovation out there this morning.  The supernova LED hand lights were enough to think he was an 18 wheeler barreling down Providence.  They complimented the Noxgear he wore upside down nicely.  However, I felt he pushed it a little too far wearing glow in the dark underwear on the outside of his running shorts.

In other news, the auto industry is in the grips of a sedan recession.  Apparently no one wants them anymore.  All this must have MMOB a little self conscious about his car.  He was so ashamed of it that he parked it at Harris Teeter and ran down to the lot.  Buck up buddy, I’ve got a sedan too.

Lastly, Belly Itcher and Thin Slice are already scared over Fish’s mountain goat assignments for BRR.  I hope to have the power to instill fear in someone 8 months in advance one day.  It’s second only to wanting my face on an advertisement attached to a grocery cart.  One can only hope.



Thursdays at 6.30am:  The Bible Study at Panera on Providence has relaunched.

Wed Jan 23 at 5.30pm:  Launch party for the debut of Shovelflag Lager at Suffolk Punch

Still a few spots left on F3 Ski.  Ask MMOB for details.  Maybe he will drive you to the airport in that sedan.

3 thoughts on “S6 BB: The Bodyguard

  • January 17, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    How can one not appreciate Whitney Houston as an artist? I am actually more surprised that an Assistant US Attorney is such a big The Cure fan. And regarding shopping carts, I thought it was MMOB who had once appeared in pictures there, but Fishwrap?! Wow.

    • January 17, 2019 at 4:13 pm

      I was wondering why Bel Air quickened his pace to break away from the music debate. Surely disappointed, like me, that Whitney and Rush were even discussed in the same category. Unfortunately, Bel Air missed the riveting discussion of the ladies of the 80s as we climbed Morehead.

  • January 17, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    With all that music talk I got European house stuck in my head. That stuff makes you run fast.

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