Two trailer park girls go round the outside

Down the hill, right on Park, right again to stay on Park. Up the hill to the stoplight at Poindexter, stopping for 5 diamond merkins at each intersection. Mary to collect the 6. Down the hill to Marsh Rd, stopping at the intersection for more mary.

Hoof it west along Marsh to EB Moore park. Partner up for the Red Foxx merkin/plank pyramid. Partner 1 does 1 merkin while partner 2 planks, then flapjack. Increase the merkins by 1 each set all the way to 10 merkins while your partner planks, then work your way back down to 1 merkin each.***Q audible to mosey after reaching the top of the pyramid, due to time and whining. Continue on Marsh all the way to South Blvd, with one stop along the way for Mary to collect the six. At South Blvd partner up again and complete the merkin pyramid then do 50 lbc’s OYO.

Up South to the low wall in front of The Waterman for 15 dips and 10 steps up. Continue up South, right on Poindexter & all the way back to Sedgefield Park, stopping for 5 diamond merkins at each intersection.

At the playground, 3 rounds of 10 pullups/20 dips. Mosey out of the park & to the bottom of Sedgefield hill. 10 each of merkins/diamonds/wide arms/stagger right/stagger left + 50 lbc’s. Backwards run up the hill to the school then 20 dips. COT


Prayer requests: for Starbuck & his M, who are expecting their first 2.0 any time now, most likely this weekend. For Bermuda Boy who just lost his sister & is laying her to rest this weekend.

F3 beer launch Wed evening, 1/23, at Suffolk Punch. Remains to be seen if there is any direct correlation between consumption & anything vibrant.

NMM – some fast dudes out there today, though nearly everyone was ahead of YHC. Fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go through December.

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