Heinz Special: 57 Exercise, 1 Birthday Beatdown

Friday was my 57th birthday so I decided to Q the next day because Core is my home AO and I wanted to torture the pax that I know the most.  Since I was turning 57 it occurred to me that the theme should be Heinz because of their famous 57 varieties.  So, I decided to do 57 exercises in 60 minutes.  And, that pickle pounders would figure prominently.  DRM asked me to speak slowly so he could Ketchup!

The Thang:

  1. SSH
  2. IW
  3. ST
  4. Squats
  5. Merkin
  6. RLRH stretch
  7. Diamond
  8. LLLH stretch
  9. Stagger left
  10. RLRH with twist
  11. Stagger right
  12. LLLH with twist
  13. Burpees OYO
  14. Swings
  15. Hammer curls
  16. URR
  17. Triceps
  18. URR
  19. Press
  20. Squat Goblet
  21. Swings
  22. Hammer curls
  23. URR
  24. Triceps
  25. URR
  26. Press
  27. Squat Goblet
  28. Swings
  29. Hammer curls
  30. URR
  31. Triceps
  32. URR
  33. Press
  34. Squat Goblet
  35. Peter Parker
  36. Parker Peter
  37. Pickle Pounder
  38. Mash Up: PP / PP / PP
  39. People’s Chair Bell press
  40. BTW with toe taps
  41. Donkey Kicks
  42. Circuit: dips
  43. Circuit: step ups
  44. Circuit: pull ups
  45. Circuit: dips
  46. Circuit: step ups
  47. Circuit: pull ups
  48. Obstacle course
  49. Lawn mowers
  50. Reverse lawn mowers
  51. Plank Destroyer
  52. Jack Web
  53. Boat / Canoe @ 20
  54. Knee ups with bell @ 20
  55. Russian Twist with Bell @ 20
  56. Knee Up / Twist / Bell
  57. Brazilian Mind Bender

After the beatdown I heard some mumble chatter that we needed an audit to ensure we did 57.  As you can see, I Q’d all of them, whether every pax did them remains an open question.  YHQ asked a couple of the pax to do a few EC exercises, the lower jaw raise and hold.  Rev, DRM and Wahoo you know why.

OBT joined us today.  It was an honor to have @F3royalty posting with us.  I invited him because we’ve become friends over the years and because he headlocked me and then never showed the next day, #nakedheadlock, so I wanted to post with him intentionally at least one time.

Take Out

YHC took a few moments to express gratitude for the importance of F3 in his life.  All kidding aside, I never knew that I was a Sad Clown until yesterday when I was thinking about my life on a walk early in the morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It would be inaccurate or at least incomplete to say that I love F3. I do, but more importantly I love the pax who I’ve toiled with in the gloom these last 3+ years.  It’s the guys that make all the difference.

A number of pax took the time to celebrate my birthday. Thank you very much, your friendship means the world to me.  Please forgive me if I missed someone but special thanks to DRM, OBT, Charcoal and Skoal Bandit.

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