Dark Passageways


Lucky 13 engaged in some surreptitious activity at PWW.


The thang:

Left out of the sort of Dowd parking lot, cross over South, right on rail trail, left at end up steps to Morehead.  Right on Tryon, stop at Mint planters for derkins 20x.  Cross Tryon to the flower shop ramp for 7s with burpees at top and bottom.  Continue down Tryon, right on 5th, hat tip to what used to be the best bar in Uptown (Conolly’s) to the Mutha and up to the top via spiral.  Denise Austins for the rifty crew.  Back down to level 6.  Bear crawl to level 8 on spiral, then backwards to the top.  Plank for the six.  Down steps and out the garage, right on 5th, left on College.

Then the greatest caper in Uptown since the Panthers signed Keyshawn Johnson.  Dodge the fortified entrance to the mini-mutha, left down 3rd, hairpin to the underground entrance, and whisper quiet hustle through the dark, hit the spiral hugging the inside, to the top.  Knock off the Brinks truck, pile the loot in suitcases bound for Chimbote, backwards run up the ramp, 20x sumo jump squats, back down spiral, through the tear gas out the main entrance.  Take it back to the Dowd, 20x slow count merkins, COT.


Honered to lead and receive re-route directions from Siri Cindy.  Checkpoint was not there but still a hot topic post COT.  BabyJesus on the dais at the Dowd speaking about his faith on the 10th anniversary of flight 1549 – hope some were able to attend.

As always, thankful for this group and the push every time we get after it.  YHC was staring down a crappy Monday full of year-end close meetings; not much fun but couldn’t imagine heading into that without the 3Fs.

Thanks for the keys, Gandalf!


Brothers departing for Peru this week – still a few chances to provide gear and luggage.

HDHH:  Wednesday 1/23, Suffolk Punch. F3 beer release.  Scooters optional.  RSVP here https://f3nation.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=01efad1d2acfad4cc39d229f6&id=ea5338a7c9&e=0e398edb5e

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