F3 Mission I’m Possible: A few good men

Good things are happening at the Mission I’m Possible workout at the Charlotte Rescue Mission. Beaver and I are new site Qs there, but what we’ve really done is supplement —not replace— the terrific leadership of Marv, Deer Tick, Carrier and others who are our long-standing leaders there.  ‘Many hands make light work’, as they say, and MIP seems to be flourishing from all this attention.  

As you may know, the Charlotte Rescue Mission provides free, Christian-based residential recovery programs that help men struggling with addiction. F3’s workout there is called “Mission I’m Possible”.  We meet at 9AM every Saturday at the CRM site at 907 W 1st St, Charlotte, NC 28202.  This workout is strong because the work of CRM is so inspiring.

Come join us any Saturday morning at nine.  We need Qs, yes, but what we really need are those who want to work out beside other men who’ve lost their dignity and confidence to addiction, but are committed to clawing their way back to good health.  Like you and me, these men thrive on the fraternity and good will of F3.  

Come on out and be a part of that.


PS— Qs are welcome!  See the Signup Genius site at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0b4fa4ad2da1f58-2019.  And if you’ve never Qd before, sign up and let Beaver or me know and we will give you some tips or Co-Q it with you.

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