COLD but Committed at Copperhead

24 frigid degrees this morning at Copperhead. Only the heartiest came out. Though few in number, we were big in ambition. Here’s what went down:



SSH + Stretches+ jog around parking lot to warm up.

50 Shades of Merkin + 4 count diag LBCs + Rock Hoppers + heel tap Jump Squats + 15 Cross Fit Merkins + Dollies + Plank hip slaps + Flutters + Perfect Form Burpees + heel tap Knee-ups

Wall 15X of Dips + Jump-ups + Derkins
Block (Block from Museum Drive to Lockley to Hempstead > Museum).  Run block, every stop sign do Burpees: 10/8/6/4.  Same thing with Cross Fit Merkins from 5X.
End Done

As it turns out, we were all just coming off of the Injured Reserve list. Lots of crud and chest infection floating around in the ether these days and we were all coming back from one thing or another. And Rofus gave us a short tutorial on the high fiber nature of asparagus. We all noted that carefully.  Announcement made of Shovel Flag Lager debut on Wednesday, aka the F3 Beer Reveal Party – The Suffolk Punch – 5:30PM on January 23, 2019.  Be there, dudes.

It’s always good to be together, and the Copperhead cadre is as fraternal as ever. Good to be with you guys this morning, and have a good week. It’s always an honor for me to Q you guys, to be together working hard in fellowship and faith.

Aye, Valdez

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