Cold Day. And Weather Stunk Too

Lotta support from the pax today, who came out to honor a young man and family in mourning.  3rd F dominated the day imho- the takeout by Sloppy was exactly what needed to be said.  Here’s how we kept warm for 45 minutes.

The Thang:

Mosey out Trinity Pres lot past the steeple to left on Providence, left on Rutledge, left on Chandler.  Regroup and continue left on Montclair, left on Westbury.  Plank for the six, Merkins x 15 IC, Diamonds x10 IC.  Mosey to right on Crosby to the hot box.

Sofawib redux- grab a concrete block.  1st circuit: 5 pullups, 15 MakhtarNdaiyes, 15 shoulder press with block, run around/over the hotbox.  Repeat thrice… 2nd circuit: 5 pullups, 10 front raises with block, 15 curls with block, run around/over the hotbox.  Repeat twice… head to the wall for 69s: half pax do wall sits with 20 air press while other half does balls to the wall with 6 hip slappers.  Flapjack and repeat 3 times each exercise.

Mosey back into the cold in the back lot.  Warmup run from hump to hump.  AYG back.  Back and forth a few times AYG with stops for Diamonds and WideArms… Mosey back to AO.  Fin.


YHC brought it down a notch, telling Benjamin Hager’s story.  He passed away in his sleep Friday night.  He was 16yrs old, a Myers Park sophomore, SwimMAC stud, and small business owner- Oink Moo BBQ- with his father.  Please keep Benjamin and his family in your thoughts and prayers… Sloppy took us out and reminded us that we cannot comprehend the plan the SkyQ has for us- and our friends/family.  A somewhat scary thought but it’s the definition of faith… onward.

Some outtakes from this edition of Widow: YHC’s phone froze on the way to the hotbox so no tunes and thank u to all those with watch intel throughout- we did get back home at 0615… HDHH at Suffolk Punch for parabolic 2nd F: official beer unveiling! …also pls post at Governator on Wed at Carmel Rd Park 0530.  My man OneEye is substi-Q’ing for YHC’s gimpy knee, and no back-to-backs yet.

Thx to Tebow and Grizz for the opportunity to lead.  Thx to all pax for posting and/or reading.

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