4 Headed Q

4 of us ventured into the Gloom on an open Q day at Midwood.  We decided on a unique leadership strategy in which every man Q’d for 10 minutes leaving time to return to the AO for some Mary at the end.  Here is how it went:

Villa warmed us up in typical fashion then took us to the grass hill between the basketball court and Willhelmina for around the clock merkins.  Finished off an arm-smoking 10 minutes with dips on the brick wall at the back entrance to the park.

Rube then picked up the Q and took us straight to the bottom of the Country Club Lane Hill.  Burpees at the bottom and squats at the top until time runs out.  Simple, effective, painful.

Next up, TMI takes the reins and starts off in brutal fashion with a bear crawl/lunge walk combo uphill to the Midwood Baptist parking lot for some work in the People’s Chair.  Then partner circuits with Partner A doing merkins while Partner B runs through the lot to Fort, left on Mecklenburg, left on Country Club, back into lot.  Repeat with squats.

Finally, it’s YHC’s turn.  I lead a quick run through the ‘hood pausing for Parker Peters, Peter Parkers, and merkins then back to the park for some Mary to finish.

TMI with an awesome takeout.

Announcements: Villa reminded us of the launch of Shovel Flag, the F3-inspired beer that is being released at Suffolk Punch on Wednesday.


Sharing is caring, and this collaborative Q set up went really well, far better than I expected it to.  Everyone brought something different and it ended up being a scorcher.

Based on the chatter during and after the workout, it sounds like everyone had some home improvement projects to wrap up over the weekend, but lifting a hammer after those around the clock merkins is going to hurt.

Also, TMI put his hand in dog poop on that hill.  It was funny.  I advised him that I had hand sanitizer and clean gloves in the car, but he was undeterred and carried on without missing a beat.  Thankfully no one called any handslap merkins during their Q…

Thanks to Rube, Villa, and TMI for rolling with an unconventional Q structure and for making it a success.

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