PWW Continues To Dominate

[Posted on behalf of Black Bear]

First, Gandalf made some great recommendations for the workout.  He even offered to show me around.  But when the morning came, he was nowhere to be found.  Vegas?

A hearty bunch of 6 brothers banded together in the balmy 23 degree temps to run some hills.

Dredd’s Spanish lessons inspired us this manana and we did several cadences in espanol.  I attempted a few directions in the foreign language without success.

We did 40 four count flutter kicks at Art’s then ran down Morehead to Kenilworth.

There, we ran up the hill to the Berrybrooke stand for 20 Merkins.

We ran down Scott, back up Kenilworth, and did 20 more Merkins.

Then we ran down Scott, back up Scott and did 20 more Merkins.

Last, we ran down Scott, ran halfway back up to the Camden Apartments for 20 more Merkins.

By then my lips were so frozen I could barely talk. Nor could I remember Hillary’s request to go to East Blvd.

We ran back down to Romany up to Dilworth Elementary for pullups but ran out of time.

Dredd and Hillary were getting cranky by then.

Checkpoint was just getting warmed up.

I think Hop ran home for a cup of coffee.

In honor of the football games the day before, we went into overtime and finished around 6:18.

Slaughter had the official stats of 5 miles and that I am an a-hole.  Which I took in the spirit in which it was given.

Plus, I could not respond because my aforementioned lips were iced over.

Checkpoint prayed to Martin Luther and the King and asked for harmony yesterday, today and forever.

On a personal note, I was very happy to have new shoes and not sandals today.  I was also glad that I was on time and was not late to my own Q.

Thanks fellas for putting up with me on a brisk morn. It is all Gandalf’s fault.

PS Where was Cindy?  The griping was missed.

2 thoughts on “PWW Continues To Dominate

  • January 22, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    Good stuff Blackbear. I have no idea what you said after your face froze but we got after it. Next time you need one of those Buffs like Hillary had.

  • January 22, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    Great Q BLACKBEAR. Dead Presidents hill is no joke. U never gave us any recovery time which Cindy would have loved. Loved Checkpoint’s prayer to the Calvinist Martin Luther.

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