Return of the 8’s

28 people posting in Charlotte, NC in 24 degree weather ain’t bad for a Tuesday.  Club Weatherproof strikes again.

My phone froze and I missed all the names, but outside the regulars, we had a special visit from Bel Air, who is running a tour of all 51 Metro workouts in 2019.  Look for him soon at your favorite workout.  Jazzy Jeff and Switchboard also made first time posts to ALS.  Welcome back Caddy who is expecting his firstborn.

The rest was the usual assortment of Core faithful:  War-baby Kiefer trash talking once he managed to show up, and posting another o-fer on the playlist, all the way up to War-daddy Horse – still posting strong at 80.

Here’s what we did:

Mosey to the Selwyn Teachers Lot – SSH, IW

Mosey to the Selwyn Entrance at Colony – Heels to Heaven, Squats

Mosey to the MPHS Theater lot, passing SIB along the way (or should I say crossing – we’ll never pass SIB…), Merican’s, MC, L, R Hammy/Hip Stretch

Mosey to the bars by the entrance to the quad, partner up.  Partner 1 does 15 pull ups, partner 2 balls to the wall, 3 rounds.  Plank for the six.

Mosey to the far end of the campus by the new buildings for 3 rounds of figure 8’s.  The figure 8 came and went like a fart in the wind a few years back.  Today it returned in rare form.  Run the 3 staircases in between the two new buildings in figure 8 fashion, stopping at each of the 4 walls for 15 reps of the designated exercise:  Wall 1 – Dips, Wall 2 Derkins, Wall 3 Step Ups, Wall 4 Decline Hip Slaps.  Mary for the six led by early finishers Chips, Marv, Bel Air, and maybe couple more.

Plank-o-rama on the lower walls.

Mosey to the trailer by the south lot and grab a brick for Brick Mary:  Dolly Press, Louganis, Overhead Press Knee Ups, Jacknife, Russian Twist.  #crowdpleaser

Mosey to the bridge to the Selwyn Playground, squats for the six.  Mosey to the dumpster lot at Selwyn for 3-4 rounds of people’s chair/balls to the wall combo.

Mosey back to COT.

There were a few announcements, but I forgot what and my phone froze so I got nothing else.

Oh yeah – Suffolk Punch Sovelflag Lager debut on Wed. at Suffolk Punch.  Free Beer.

Tesla with the takeout.  I think he was speaking in tounges, I was supposed to translate but he’s gone to a different level…..

Thanks Foo for the keys – always a pleasure to lead this awesome group.

Playlist (two for Tuesday):

Allman Brothers:  Blue Sky, No One to Run With

Joe Cocker:  Feelin’ Alright, The Letter

Marshall Tucker:  Take the Highway, Fire on the Mountain

Eric Clapton:  Layla, Cocaine

Lynyrd Skynyrd:  That Smell, Gimme back my Bullets


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