SIB: Should I go for more clicks this year?

2, 10, 9, 9. Official attendance numbers for SIB this year.

Come hang out. ‘Cause you’re missing a lot.

We’ve got room for more at SIB. No getting lost. Or left behind. Just a guarantee that it will be painful.

Today’s workout was:

Warm up run over Spackler’s. Then repeats up Colony to MPHS circle for about 10 minutes. Regroup and jog ~3 minutes.

10 rounds of 1 minute hard/1 minute recovery – mostly flat, not much hill.

Back to Spackler’s hill. Suicide/ladder/etc – Speed bump (back down), Driveway (back down), 2nd speed bump (back down), Top/touch giant truck (back down) – then reverse the ladder – 2nd speed bump, driveway, speed bump.

Cool down through Selwyn lot and back for COT at 6:13.

Total of 7.6+ miles on my watch. Farmer Ted and a couple of others probably eked out a couple more tenths. Swamp was crushing it as well. Someone’s watch was causing great consternation – talking to us about only 4 miles after we were 85% done. Watch was doing its own workout. At least mine just vibrates rather than talking back. Lee decided to get a little run in before going to rob a bank. He wins best dressed award. EZ might have been ahead of Federalist – not that we are really keeping track. Thanks to EZ for taking us out (ring the bell).

Big HDHH event this week – you can question whether you really want to drink a beer with “shovel” in the name – but at least come give it try. Wednesday 1730 at The Suffolk Punch. Details here.

Extra week in January this year.

We can save you a shot. I’ll be there next time.


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