The youngest average age ever?

Small but fast (and mostly young) crowd today at Bandit.  Weather was looking pretty crappy last night, 60% chance of rain and mid-30’s.  Seems like the rain held off a couple of hours for this group to get ready for the day.

Here is what we did…

  • Mosey up East Blvd. to a parking lost for COP – SSH’s x 20 IC, mountain climbers x 20 IC, Peter Parkers x 15 in cadence, merkins x 10 IC
  • Run to the intersection of East and Kenilworth
  • Run up Kenilworth/Scott to the wedge, crossing to the other street at each cross street.  On each Kenilworth corner, do 5diamonds; on each Scott corner, 10 squats; do both exercises at the wedge
  • Head to mega deck for a merkin stair suicide – run up stairs to first level, 2 merkins; back down, 2 merkins; up to second level, 4 merkins; back down, 4 merkins; and on and on, adding 2 merkins at each of the 8 levels; stop at teh top.  Total merkins = 128, total levels climbed = 36
  • Mary at the top = 30 LBC’s, 15 oblique crunches both sides, 20 flutters
  • Mosey down 1 level on the ramps to shake out the legs
  • And back down the stairs
  • Run to bottom of Harding Pl. hill, backwards run up, 15 squats and back down
  • 15 dips at corner of Kings and Morehead
  • AYG home (~3/4 mile) for an almost on-time arrival for the Pax


Not a lot of down time during the workout today, especially during the stair suicides and not a lot of chatter.  The group kept moving from one thing to the next.  Everybody pushed it today – great job.  Here’s how the COT went today – Shepherd, 22; In-N-Out, 23; Paula – 24; Snots – 38 (War Daddy).  Average age = 26.75.  Good to see these young guys out here; not where I would have been at that age.  Keep up the work.

Paula – thanks for the opportunity.

Announcements:  If you haven’t heard, HDHH at Suffolk Punch tonight for F3 beer.

One thought on “The youngest average age ever?

  • January 23, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    I will join you guys again soon, and push the average way, way up!

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