The Return of Shamu and Uncle Rico

SweetSix BB’s are about as worthless as Copperhead BB’s.  Nobody gives a shit.  Ahhhh…but this one is different.  My people have informed me that Uncle Rico’s twin brother Barney Fife from Wake county was causing a stir in the Loserverse, I mean Twitterverse, about the new F3Beer SarongLager.  I’ll deal with him in a minute.  This morning PizzaPoy paid Swamp and I 20 bucks to run with us in the light mist.  Or African monsoon.  We lost Slice once coming down the Mutha in the drain pipe and another time running down Morehead as someone sped by on Dan Aykroyd’s Suck My Wake speedboat and totally washed Slice off the sidewalk.  It was awesome.  Got back and the best drummer at MPUMC was sporting some sort of poncho which was a cross between something you get a Carowinds and something you wear for Shamu’s splash zone.  He thought Blackfish was bullshit.  PS wants Shamu back.  And Mamu.

After getting some initial beer advocate ratings from TMLee on SarongLager (-.05 stars (shitty Yueling Light)), I was informed of some back and forth that happened regarding such shitty beer.  It sounds like TractorTom has a concern how F3Beer builds leaders out of men?  I understand you are already at a disadvantage living in Wake county but none the less I am sure you can understand beer doesn’t grow in a garden next to the tomatoes you have in your backyard.  And I haven’t come across any AI robots like the one in Rocky IV who can spend the time and intelligence it takes to make shitty beer.  And once a group of men actually take the time to make the beer, does it market itself?  I think you get the point.  I would make the argument that brewing, marketing, and selling a beer from scratch takes a shit load more leadership then you telling some overweight dude who went to State to do jumping jacks in the morning.

So if you have any other complaints about an organization that is free and let’s you basically do whatever the hell you want, please send those to Uncle Rico.  He is a dear friend of F3Metro.

And Slutz, congrats on your shiitty Yuenling Light.  The marketing wasn’t annoying at all.




2 thoughts on “The Return of Shamu and Uncle Rico

  • January 25, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Best 20 bucks I’ve ever spent, or as I told Swamp, imagine how much I hate running alone that I would rather join you two…
    In terms of facts, everything above checks out. I put my people on it late last night to make sure. Well said Cindy.

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