Fortress: Dear Mr Commissioner

I’ll make this brief as I’m busy appealing my home value.  The County Commissioners will be happy to learn my family moved into a dilapidated shed out back that is infested with roaches.  The kids are starting to get used to the family of raccoons.  Tough to not love those silly trash pandas.

After tiptoeing out of said shed and around said roaches, I was greeted by an unwieldy 32 for my birthday Q.  We ran around and did exercises.  Do you really care which ones?  If you want more detail ask Hollins about Black Widow two weeks back.  I pretty much ripped it off.  Lay off me, it’s my birthday.

Lots of mumblechatter in COP so tried to run it out of them with a long derkin partner loop on Kingscross.  Coach kept running his mouth so we went for another one to quiet him down.  Never works.  I think we need to rebrand him “Loquacious”.  Maybe not.  Sounds kinda sexual and I’m sure he’d make everyone uncomfortable with erotic jokes explaining the change.  He already does a suspicious number of Monkey Humpers.

Paula was today’s special guest.  Didn’t realize he’s only 14.  He’s the Sean McVay of Metro.  SkinnyJack had to drive him since Uber doesn’t allow under 16s as passengers.  He somehow also convinced him to be his “Get Back Coach” when school buses and cars pass by so he can really focus on form.

On the other end of the Super Bowl field Iron Mike was scowling like the Grumpy Lobster Boat Captain given his lack of enthusiasm over my partner hot laps call.  However now that he’s retired he’s got the time to brush up on the latest fashion trends and damn if his flavor-saver game isn’t the strongest I’ve seen around town #facefuzz.

Solid take out by Oscar.  Thanks to Snowden and Chowda for the keys.  Direct any complaints to the commissioner, NFL or Meck County.  I don’t care either way.


6yr Anniversary for Fortress next week.  Chowda looking for February Qs as well.

Come serve breakfast on Monday mornings at 5.30am at Fortitude.  Talk to Pipeline or Gridlock for more details.

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