Saturday in the Park. I think it was the 4th of July.

11 Core faithful showed up for what started to be a workout in cold weather, but quickly felt like the tropics.  The plan was to gradually get the heart rate up, push it to the max, bring it down, take it back up and so forth.  May have missed that mark, but between the challenge ropes, suicides in the parking deck, suicides in the parking deck and some “almost to failure” KB exercises and rail work, should have been a fair beat down.

Here’s how it unfolded.

Warm up laps around the parking lot with SSH, IW, Squats, Hamstring and Glute Stretches.

Mosey to the parking deck for suicides up the deck (all out 2 levels, 10 merkins, back one level, repeat).

Mosey back to parking lot for “partner clockwork”.  Pick a number on the dial, do the called exercises and go to next number clockwise.  YHC used the sheets for other purposes, but these routines come to mind (not necessarily in order or in the proper group).

  • Bucket carry to cone and back.  Rinse and repeat
  • Lap around track with 10 merkins at each quarter
  • Rail pull up’s.  10 inboard, 10 outboard, 10 merkins.  Then 8,6,4,2
  • Renegade rows (10 each arm), Lawnmowers (10 each side).  Then 8,6,4,2
  • Suicide drill at the cones
  • 20 boat canoes, 15 dolly’s IC, 20 reverse crunches
  • People’s chair with 20 air presses.  Balls to the wall with 5 hip slaps each side.
  • 10 burpees, 10 fire hydrants each side
  • Nibbler special.  KB swing to rack, then to press.  10 each arm, 15 Hammercurls, 15 upright rows, 15 tricep extensions
  • 20 Jump squats, 20 SSH IC, 20 speed skaters
  • 45 seconds on the challenge ropes.  Rinse and repeat.
  • 10 KB snatches, 10 Russian twists each side

And that’s all folks!

NMM:  Really strong effort by everyone out there today.  And for the most part without a 10 count…at least not an official one.  Glad Peppers was there to explain what muscle we were stretching in the warm-ups.  Who would have guessed it was the ass!   Called that one just for Rev so he would look good in his Speedo’s.  Hope everyone enjoyed the clockwork exercises.  For the record, used the 12 sheets to start a nice fire tonight.  Gone and forgotten.

Announcements:  Special workout with FIA in memory of Ruth Samuelson. Details to follow.  The F3 beer passes muster with Grapevine, and that was a tall order.  Something about Vienna, and probably not a reference to sausages.

Take out by Rev.  Always has the right words and puts life in perspective!

Thanks for being there and allowing me to take the reins today.  It was fun!


Van Winkle



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