BHM: So many sports…so little time!

17 men stepped into the gloom for another edition of Big Hair Monday and took the Daily Red Pill (no…that’s not the Daily Red Pill-sner coming from Suffolk Punch. Come on, 0530 is at least 2 hours too early for that)!  A supportive pax climbed on the team bus (driven by YHC) for an F3 version of Wide World of Sports (WWOS)!


  • Into Freedom Park to the BASKETBALL court for COP: SSHx25, IWx20, Peter Parkerx15, plank/right-foot-to hand stretch/flapjack/plank.
  • Staying on the courts, we moved into the real basketball exercise, with Naismith squats (defensive slides….slide….slide….touch). Two laps around the court with 20 plankjacks at each basket (80 total).
  • Mosey to the BASEBALL diamond:
    • Karaoke down 1st base line from home to foul pole. 10 merkins — AYG across outfield — 10 merkins. Karaoke back to home. People’s chair for the 6.
    • Round 2 – Karaoke to first base –10 merkins — AYG around the infield — 10 merkins. Karaoke back to home.
    • Round 3 & 4 – Same circuit with high knees.
  • Mosey to TENNIS courts. 5 line suicides, followed by 30 LBCs. One round on each of the three courts.  (Can’t get to those drop shots, without quick footwork!)
  • Mosey to Panthers Play 60 playground for a little FOOTBALL and GYMNASTICS mashup:
    • Round 1 – 40 yd dash, 10 football up-downs (NO they are not burpees if you don’t do the pushup and jump), and 7 pull-ups on the high bar.
    • Round 2 – 40 yards of broad jumps (quads begging to stop the madness), 10 up downs and 7 pull ups.
    • Pax led Dolly/Rosalita while waiting for the 6.
  • Timecheck — hmm…do we have time for the TRACK AND FIELD  portion of the program? It’s a tweener…so I figure we should give it a go….mosey toward the lake.
    • The Q calls out for the moseying pax to fall into indian run formation as we reach the parking lot. As we fire the starter pistol to start…YHC realizes a few important things: 1) some pax need more explicit indian run instructions (don’t pass on BOTH sides of the line, the six doesn’t take off until the person before gets to the front of the line) 2) we gotta discuss appropriate indian run pacing (we shouldn’t be walking/near walking and run ahead of the front person when passing, and don’t brake check when you get to front…leads to fender benders) 3) we are gonna be a few mins short to make it all the way around the lake and back (see #2).
    • About 40% around the lake…the watch checking peaks and I whoa up the indian run. Time to turn the bus around and head home.
    • Mosey back towards the AO..grab some wall for some quick dips. Kickstart the mosey back to the baseball field/stop sign. Where we hit 0615…and lose 1 or 2 LIFOs (understandable).
    • On your bellies for the 6….3-2-1 AYG back to the parking lot. COT


  • The basketball drills got off to a rough start when one of the PAX went down on the first lap. Hopefully no bad bumps tomorrow. There was mention of a crack in the concrete as the culprit, but a few of us are pretty sure we saw Grayson Allen sneak out of the woods and trip him.
  • Sweetbriar out front setting the pace most of the day. Valdez — getting it done and encouraging his fellow pax as always!
  • Thanks as always to the site Q Stogie for the opportunity to lead. He has some Q spots available in the next two months…so come lead at one of the best AOs in town (so much to do).
  • Thanks to today’s PAX for being willing to test out the WWOS with me and stay locked in for the extra minute or two. Lots of burst/speed work today and still got around 3 miles in.


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