The Italian

The Italian (no I am not Italian….or Mexican. But I do like pizza)

  • At 5:30 high tail it down East Blvd and take a Right on Scott Ave to the parking lot at the point of the Scott/Kennilworth pizza slice. Plank to wait for the 6.
  • Partner up.
  • We’re gonna zipper up the Scott/Kennilworth Bermuda Triangle. One man take off up Scott, the partner up Kennilworth. Meet at the first cross street (Pierce) and do 10 partner derkins each and 10 partner leg throw-downs each. Continue on up the opposite street on which you just were. Meet at the other 2 cross streets of Buchannan and Filmore and the same on East in a zipper-like pattern doing the same exercises at each of the 4 meetings.
  • Pick opposite streets and sprint back down to the parking lot. Same street entire way. In the parking lot do 10 burpees each and 20 partner handslap merkins.
  • Repeat this horrible process as many times as you can so that you’re back in the gravel lot at 6:15. We’ll be spread out as hell, so don’t expect a group gathering and jog home together. It is 3/4 of a mile from the pizza point parking lot to the gravel lot and 1/2 mile from the corner of Scott/Kennilworth. Plan accordingly. Me thinks you might get 3 circuits.

See you in the morning. Good luck.


PS – Wear some hi-visibility gear since we’ll be off campus. If you don’t any, just go shirtless. I’m sure you lawyer types who’s bird chests haven’t seen the light of day in 6 months will be plenty visible. Not me, I look Italian.


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