SIBling Rivalry 1/29/19

You v. you this morning. You v. Goshen, you v. Linda, you v. gravity. SIBling Rivalry got off the track this morning for hill work. Four ran the hill plan and OBT guarded the track.

Everyone was thinking about Uncle and sending thoughts and prayers to the new member of Clan McUncle. Congratulations!

We started with a warm up lap around the track and maintained the warm up pace from the track to the bottom of Goshen. The format was to run to the top of Goshen with 60% effort to the midway point followed by 80% effort to the stop sign at the top. Recover back to the bottom.

Judging the difference between 80% effort and AYG when running up a hill isn’t easy. Not for YHC anyway. Reaching the stop sign spent seemed about right.

After six trips up Goshen were done, we ran to the bottom of Linda for more of the same. 60% to a light and 80% to another light further down the road. Recover back to the start. We got four of those done before it was time to go back. We ran from the bottom of Linda up to the AO parking lot to regroup with OBT for COT.

Hill repeats = UVU. Having someone faster to chase up a hill (over and over) is a great thing.


I made a Q schedule for the next few months. Based on feedback I’ll have to make some tweaks, but we have a good plan for the next several months.

Thoughts, prayers, and support for all of our brothers doing God’s work in Peru.

Several races are coming up in March and April. Check the website for specific races and schedules. That means we will have two more months of adventure trying to get from coffeteria to MIP on Saturday mornings.  Bueno.

Continued thoughts and prayers for the sudden passing of Meyers Park sophomore swimmer Ben Hager.

Carrier has the Q next Tuesday.

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