Fartsack Record for Splinter

The cold weather was undaunting to the 8 pax that made their way to Splinter Group.  Opinions varied on the temperature.  Was it 23 or 26?  Doesn’t really matter.  At least it wasn’t -32 as in Minneapolis.  Looking forward to reading the backblast to see what our brothers did up there today.

At 5:30 sharp, the ruckers departed and the 5 remaining did a little COP while waiting for Kiefer to show…..which he didn’t.  (Kiefer, hope your PJ’s were nice and warm today!)  So off we went.  In general, the route took us over to the Greenway via Wellesley.  Thanks to Robinhood for lighting our way down the path and on the Greenway.  Plan was to hit the parking lot adjacent to CMC via the Greenway, but the ice changed our plans.  So a little detour was necessary.  Anyway, we made it to the parking lot and then ran the long (and steep) hill beside the hospital up to Scott Ave.  Only 10 minutes left by now, so we high-tailed it back down East Blvd. and back to the AO.  All in all about 3.3 miles.

One announcement….FIA anniversary and honoring Ruth Samuelson on Friday.  No Atilla but meeting at Providence Methodist Church instead.

Great takeout by LaLanne.

Enjoyed taking the Q today!


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