Sunday Games

In the 1612 Cotswolds (the UK) a local lawyer held the “Cotswold Olympiks” on a hill on Sundays. Locals competed in pike throwing, leaping, and running.  The crown found out about it and didn’t like games on the sabbath.  This concern gained puritanical support and sport was banned on Sunday.  Not until 1920 in the US did we see sport widely encouraged on Sundays when a baseball game was played.


The moral of the story?  Enjoy the game with families and friends this Sunday.  You have earned it.


This was a themed workout and without Sump there were very few pax who understood the theme until 42 mins into the workout.


23 men hit the streets of Cotswold this am. 27 degrees.

EC- Coach, Alphabet, Newport, Hollins

Run down Rutledge, head over to hotbox, 5 pullups, dips upstairs, and around hotbox.  Repeato then over to Eddies for Dips

Cross back to Bastion to pick up the pax.


Main Event

Run up to Sharon towards Coltwold Shopping ctr, and stop for 16 SSH, 12 Merkins (1612 when the Cotswold Olympiks started) and 10 Squats (warming up the legs for hills).

Over to the shopping ctr, backwards up the hill, to Publix- peoples chair and air press.

The hills of Publix, 12 trips on each of 3 stairs.

Over to Harris Teeter to some rail work, through Cotswold back to United Methodist.

15 merkin wheel

Jeff Gordon stairs 3x with BearCrawl

Back to St. Gabes for 1x backwards run up the hill


Finito.  4.25 miles with EC.


Coach saw a grown man in spandex pants running in the Cotswolds, with no shorts.  If this is you please please please do this in the dark or at home on the treadmill.  If you don’t he’s likely to put it on social media and shame you.

When EC starts and one doesn’t join b/c one is in a warm car, one is “fartboxing”.

Coach said a few other things but it all sounds like “slow down I can’t breathe, etc. etc. etc”.

Frogger went down with a tough elbow contusion- we’ve got to be smart on the sidewalks which are nasty early in the am.  He’s on the mend.

We went >4 miles and Alphabet didn’t break a sweat.  Egypt too.

The mountains of cotswolds do not exist, so Publix is a welcome new substitute.  Qfail for realizing our girth at 23 did not allow for swift mountain climbing.  Nabisco wasn’t his normal swift self on those stairs and probably will have to work out tomorrow.

Panda is still running on one good leg and can bearcrawl like…a bear.

Hollins could barely fit the Chimbote items in his SUV.



Prayers for Magellans family

Prayers for the Hager Family

Thanks Egypt for taking us out


Thanks for the Keys Hollins.




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