Hot Potato Q

No one was sure who had the Q on the 26th.  Originally, Curly was going to lead then he got hurt.  YHC had agreed to cover the workout but relinquished the Q to GAAP when he pleaded for it.  A day later, GAAP asked YHC to be on standby because he was under the weather.

Soon rumors begin circulating that Dredd was going to lead until DMZ posted a photo of the Country Lawyer boarding a plane to Peru.  Around the same time, an unnamed news outlet claims Vacation is making a return trip to punish the Pax again but Rex Kwon Do refutes it.

By Friday morning, we are less than 24 hours from go-time and GAAP texts yet again.  He tells YHC to keep the Q and he will be there to support me.  YHC replies that works but not to post if you are still feeling bad, to which GAAP says he wasn’t sick after all…

Despite freezing temps and the uncertainty of who had the Q, 12 dedicated HIM’s joined YHC for a tour of the Revolution AO.  And not one of the 12 was named “GAAP.”

The Thang

Mosey to front parking lot
Extended COP:  SSH/ Peter Parker/ IW/ Parker Peter/ Copperhead® Squats/ Heels to Heaven

To the metal bleachers next to the baseball field: Dips & Derkins (2 rounds of each)

Keeping moving to the small hill behind leftfield fence

Bent Jacob’s Ladder
Bear Crawl to the top of hill: 7 Squats, run back down
Rinse and repeat dropping 1 Squat each time until you reach 1

About this time, Pipeline arrives with a couple of Pax from the Mens Shelter.  While the Pax join us immediately, Pipeline doesn’t.  #MrBigShot

Back to the metal bleachers
Alternating Step Ups (In Cadence)
Step Ups R/L (OYO)

Pipeline finally decides to work out.  YHC was somewhat frustrated at him until Pipeline gave his trademark big ol’ smile that automatically puts everyone in a good mood.

Gather at Home Plate on the baseball diamond
Baseball Suicides
190 Octanes
People’s Chairs

Realizing it was odd to be on a baseball diamond in January, we headed over to rock quarry

Grab a coupon (UvU)

2 round of Curls/ Overhead Press/ Squats/ Tricep Curls
Interrupted by trip to other side of overpass for Plank Jacks/ Jumping Lunges/ Flutter (In Cadence)

Put coupons away – to the playground

2 rounds of Pull-ups/ Merkins/ Squats

Down to Football field
3 trips running from goal line to goal, stopping every 25 yards for different exercise each time
Run length of field accelerating every 25 yards
Backwards run from Midfield to opposite goal line
AYG to Midfield – Burpees

Circle up
Mary:  LBC/ Rosalita/ Heels to Heaven/ Dolly/ Protractor


Pipeline is launching a new way to support the Men’s Shelter.  Plan is for F3 to serve breakfast at Mens Shelter once a month on a Monday.  Also a great way to promote Fortitude amongst the residents.

First team has returned from their week in Chimbote.  Second wave leaves in a week.  Still time to donate your shoes and clothing.

Welcome Tubbs – FNG who tagged along with Kryptonite and Chico for his first F3 post.  Received his name because he originally is from Miami and Tubbs was a character on the ’80’s hit tv show “Miami Vice.” Glad you joined us and hope we see you soon!

It was like a family reunion between Kryptonite and Jedi!  It was very special to have Kryptonite back in the Gloom with us. And Jedi honored us all with a strong take-out.

Curly’s absence was evident as YHC kept expecting him to be at the front of the Pax throughout the workout. Heal up Brother!

Oh GAAP, if it’s not your lower back, hernia, ankle, shoulder, unidentifiable skin rash, or a common cold, it’s like the forces of nature are trying to keep you at home.  Hope you find your way back to the Gloom soon.

Good to hang out with Rope-A-Dope again.  He may epitomize the Hate Hate crowd with his lack of 1980’s pop culture trivia but the dude has his mind where it needs to be.  R-A-D is a very giving person always looking out for others.  It sounds easy but takes many of us a lot longer to exhibit these traits.

Earthmover made his first post to Revolution and I am sure it won’t be his last, especially since our mileage was in his comfort zone.  Can’t say how awesome it is to have my good friend back in the QC and posting in the Gloom with us!

Thanks Brothers!


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