No True Confessions

No true confessions given at Confession Run today, but a big turnout nonetheless.  This run attracts a wide range because we have a fast lot, a slow lot, a walking lot, and a bunch of us in between.  And it helps to be posting at Common Market (which I also know to be Van Winkles favorite running AO). It was a good omen that we saw a Barred Owl perched over our stretching circle at the outset.

Big, square run around Plaza Midwood and Central Avenue.  Few turns meant, I hope, less confusion.  Lots of dogs with us too this morning, which adds entertainment (and makes Wahoo run faster).

Always a treat for me to be with you men as we start our day, tune up our running game, and think and live just a little bit beyond our own wants and needs.

SYITG, Valdez

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