Ugh, I Like To Mosey

You know, a while back, I joined the Black Men Run Group on a Sunday at Men’s Shelter of Charlotte for a walk/run with any of our guests who were interested. I paired with “Vision,” who eventually joined us for an F3 workout and subsequently was nicknamed Prince. Prince was visually impaired so during the walk on that Sunday, he held his hand on my shoulder and followed my lead. About 10 minutes in, he asked “when are we going to move faster?!” We both laughed as I shared how I tend to “mosey” on walks.

I sometimes fall into the trap of “moseying,” just as you can see I’m late on my Backblast that should’ve been done nearly a week ago! But I also noticed we sometimes mosey as a transition between exercises during our workout.

Well as I lead the group to mosey to a particular area (and I meant a slower mosey), Headhunter pipes in – “what, I don’t know how to mosey.” For those that know Headhunter, our one shelter guest to ever Q – in fact has done it twice – he moves quite fast. He was rearing to go, but to keep with the group, slowed to mosey along with us.

Another reminder to me the resiliency of our guests. Often folks don’t know how resilient our shelter guests are. They aren’t “moseying” in life. They working hard, moving fast, and trying to make a better life for themselves as they find housing. And I’m forever grateful to the F3 PAX who faithfully show to run (or mosey) alongside our guests as they journey to transform their lives.

On to our workout:


  • Windmills – 10 IC (In Cadence) followed by Abe Vigoda Windmills – 5 IC
  • “Randys” shoulder exercises – 10 IC
  • “Annies” – 10 IC
  • Yes, Randy and Annie are exercises – check the Exicon!
  • Ended with an Air Raid

Mosey to Law Office Across Street


  • People’s Chair – Overhead and Press – 10 IC, then again fast paced, 5 IC
  • 4 exercises, each followed by a run around the law office:
    • Bear Crawl
    • Crab Walk
    • Lunge Walk
    • Long Jumps

Mosey (yes, this is where Headhunter didn’t know how to mosey!) to side street.

  • Carioca half up street, then 10 Apollo Creed burpees (or regular)
  • Carioca to corner, then 10 squats
  • Run to end of street to rock pile
  • Pick a rock, but:
    • Move three slots to right, pick up rock, Skull Crushers IC 10
    • Move two slots to left, pick up rock, Curls for the Girls IC 10
    • Move two slots to the left, pick up rock, Shoulder Press IC 10
  • Partner, pick one rock, Partner A on ground, bench press while Partner B runs to end of street and back. Change up.

Mosey to Auto Bell

  • Partner again
  • Partner A run one way, Partner B, the other.
  • Meet halfway for Bigboy Situps – each partner to 10
  • Meet at where began for 10 Handslap Merkins
  • 2x

Mosey back to Shelter


Not as much time so only had two exercises:

  • Dying Cockroach – 10 IC
  • James Bond – 10 second holds, with legs up halfway – pointing that Walter PPK forward, to the side, then to the side

Done and COT

  • Country reminded F3 PAX to come in for coffee following COT and also about the 2nd Tuesday and 3rd Friday (of each month) Serve N’ Learns. Contact Country or Pipeline to sign up.
  • Country mentioned April 4th Fundraising Breakfast for Men’s Shelter of Charlotte. A few PAX are hosting tables – contact Country or Pipeline for information.
  • Pipeline shared that the last Monday of each month, F3 PAX invited to serve breakfast at the shelter – can sign up on the F3 Metro website or contact Pipeline.
  • “Monday Headlocking” still going on – each Monday, dinner at Tryon to meet shelter guests and encourage them to join us for a workout.
  • Pipeline mentioned that this Saturday, there is a male engagement breakfast at Johnson C. Smith University- some F3 members attending after the workout at Revolution.
  • FNG – Optimus took us out with an ending prayer of thanks and reflection.


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