Lock: the Under on Mary-time

What better time to lead HIMs than the morning after the annual Patriots game and YHCs first day in temporary apartment complex?  We’ll keep the SB commentary to a minimum:

The Thang

Mosey north on Carmel to left on Town&Country to left on Valencia Terrace.  Circle up at Valencia cul-de-sac.  SSH x15 IC, Birdfeeders x8 each side OYO, Merkins x15 IC, SidePlank each side for a while for explanation of 3 man grinder: Partner 1 cul-de-sac Squats, Partner 2 slow MakhtarNdyaies at top of hill, Partner 3 runner.  Repeat circuit twice… Grind again with Lunges and CarolinaDryDocks.  Repeat twice and finish at top of hill.

Mosey left onto Town&Country toward Sharon View.  Some karaoke and backwards run varietals to break it up… turn right on Sharon View to right on Granada.  Plank for the six, JLo’s x 10 IC.  Mosey down Granada to left on Town&Country to right on Carmel to parking lot of Church at Charlotte.  More specifically, converge on the wall of Church at Charlotte for Kuechlys: alternating wall sits and exercises for 40sec (ish) increments.  Exercises: Skaters 1st and 3rd quarters, JumpLunges 2nd and 4th for a total of 8 time periods or 4 quarters of offense and defense… Just enough time left for WideArms x 13IC, Diamonds x10 OYO.  Fin.


Good gloom on Town&Country- be careful or you’ll offroad…  Valencia was quaint, that’s a long road and we found the end in that cul-de-sac.  Based on that driver’s speed backing out of driveway, F3 is not known in dem parts… several Q fails.  While a good Q doesnt blame his tools, a 3yr-old iphone6 does not like sub 40degree temps- complete shutoff.  No strava, no music, no timer for Kuechlys, no final gun.  I’ll get the old phone a huggle of some sort to keep warm in these frigid CLT winters… We really couldve used the music during skaters.  Not sure at what the pax are less proficient: stretching or balance or coordination.  That’s ok- strengths and weaknesses.  Still love yall… As designed- a bootcamp without mary but more time for core work.  Whiffed on pullups- very sad.

Light on announcements but several prayer requests: Sloppy2’s co-worker whose fiance was taken to the ICU, the Hager family who lost their 16yr old son, the Flynn family whose son is battling cancer, and one i misremember- apologies.  Take out by OneEye- love that he regularly steps up.

Thx to the pax for the courage to battle the wings and cheese dip (and shovel flag beer) hangover to post.  And for their ability to follow directions.  Thx to Aquafresh for the opportunity and a quick mention that he is a Gurley fartsacker.

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