Super (Bowl) After-Party at Split Endz

Mid-thirties in temps and post-Super Bowl early morning after-party made for interesting group. Smaller than normal Split Endz Monday shenanigans but 11 posted for beat-down. Dial was first set on 5, maybe 6, possibly 7, for intermediate whuppin’.

Thang: Debating most boring Super Bowl in history was immediate first exercise whilst headed to buzz Diamondhead pax. Result: Nibbler leading a batch of standing sleepers with kettle bells, not one swinging. COP on the high jump stand. Beat feet to Spacklers for merkins on the speed bumps. Wall work at the MPHS arch. Outstanding tour of cross country course with zero moon light and complete cloud cover equals nonstop falling hazard. None bit it. Stops for pain station, yes. Lots of merkins. LOTS of merkins. Partner work at Selwyn track. More wall work at the Selwyn student smoking lounge. 2.47 on the Garmin. COT.

Nekkid News: Many regulars and most noisemakers were missing so it was quiet work; not much skin showing this morning as winter ain’t gone, yet; (your humble correspondent’s workmate and) FNG’s alma mater did him in, so John Seely was christened Johnny Football, or just rehab league “Manziel” which seemed fitting in a football after-party; prayer requests continue for families of Magellan and Money; sensei Senor Chips was missed but appreciated for keeping SE running; COT prayer took us into Monday better off than when we started; and, always a privilege and pleasure to lead like-minded men of purpose.

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