Time Crunch

A dozen of F3s finest met this morning for BHM.  Good turnout, especially considering last evenings Super Bowl.  Maybe all the F3 dudes went to bed at half-time?   Here is what we did:


Run to B’Ball Court

50 Shades of Merkin +  30X 4-count diag LBCs + 25X Rock Hoppers +  20X heel tap Jump Squats + 15X Cross Fit Merkins +  30X Dollies +  20X Plank hip slaps +  25X Flutters +  20X heel-tap Knee-ups
  5 Min of 10 Burpees/min.
   Wall 25X/20X of Dips + Jump-ups
Lake Indian Run 2 laps
option Bear Crawl up hill
Parking Lot All you got run back to stop sign. 

Together run back to COT.

I have to say….the five minutes of burpees didn’t go over so well.  I was to expecting it to be welcomed, but gee whiz, it was strongly disliked.  (I didnt like it myself).  But then we jumped into the indian run around the lake which was a bit more popular.

We had a sunny group and a good bit of enthusiasm.  Octoon can run!  And Snapfade is even faster!  These guys get the bit in their teeth and GO!  And then we ran out of time.  Seemed to have a near mutiny as guys started looking at watches, etc.  So be it. Back to the barn.

Not many announcements.  Snapfade took us out with style.

It is always a treat for me to lead this fine bunch.  Thanks, Stogie, for the opportunity.

SYITG, Valdez

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