Humans Used to Sprint and Chase – Today They Did Again

Plus Chase Filler and 6MOM.  3.25 mi according to Garmin (not counting pre & post workout laps – I’m talking primarily to Oswold).

Legend: W=warmup, M=mosey, HK=High Knees, BK=Buttkicks, SR=shuffle right, SL=shuffle left, KR=Karaoke right, KL= Karaoke left, BR=backward run, SK=skipping, L=Lap, 50 thru 100=sprints at #%, CL=chase the leader, S=six minutes of mary.

Pax kept mostly together pre-chase work.  The big reveal was not only what the pre-blast meant, but just as much who has speed.  The rabbits were Aquafresh, GAAP, Sump, Loveboat and ET.  I think that’s correct.  No legs were lost in the course of this workout, although there were some close calls – sprints can do that; but hopefully all the warmup helped.

Welcome ET to his FNG SIBling Rivalry post.

Prayers to Schneider’s family in F3LKN.


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