Preserving order

Into the park & to the train lot – 10 pullups/20 dips.
To the bottom of the stairs for 20 dips. Up the stairs & to the lot at base of The Lurker for 20 russian twists/20 knee ups.
Up The Lurker – 5 burpees at each speed bump & the top. Mary for the six.
Down MegaTool and into Princeton park for 10 pullups/20 dips.
Out to Princeton Ave – run to Park Rd & then back to Forest Park, stopping at every cross/side street for either 10 diamonds or 10 squats. Alternate each stop.
Backwards run to the top of MegaTool then 10 burpees (Paula loved this!). Mary for the six.
Down The Lurker all the way to the Owl bars. 10 pullups/20 dips.
Out to Cumberland – all the way to East Blvd, stopping for 10 merkins at every cross/side street & 10 jump squats at every speed bump. Mary for the six the 10 each of merkins/diamonds/wide arms/stagger right/stagger left plus 50 lbc’s.
East on East to the Moe’s parking lot – 10 burpees then oblique crunches L/R.
AYG back to the lot for COT.

Pull into the lot to find Mariah, in from NOLA and rocking a Serpico beard. He brought along an FNG that is casually drinking a cup of coffee, & continues to drink said coffee until 5:30. Site Q Paula was outraged & considered the act of an FNG drinking coffee before his first post to be a slap in the face. He demanded satisfaction. There is a little known codicil in the F3 constitution which gives the Q unlimited power to preserve order in time of emergency. This was one of those times. Despite the obvious speed limitations, YHC had a civic duty to drop this MF’er. Would have gotten away with it too if Valdez hadn’t kept circling back to pick up our FNG. Despite Sheep openly questioning my leadership I regret nothing. In any event, welcome Sanka. Hope you enjoyed it.

One thought on “Preserving order

  • February 7, 2019 at 11:03 am

    Great lead Doobie, and great to be back in the QC to experience your fresh, clean air and subtle elevation, neither of which can be found in F3NOLA (#swamps and #levees). I too felt the casual coffee sipping showed a bit too much swagger for an FNG (even if said FNG is in the Army)…however, seeing you drop him after 1/4 mile restored AlphaQ status. Doubt he comes back…nice work, Doobie.

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