8@8 Preblast: The Return of the Park Road Shopping Center Accordion

Ok, we’re bringing back a fan favorite. Actually, I think Bushwood was the only other person that actually experienced this the first time, but he seemed to … not hate it? So, we’re bringing it back. Dress appropriately – apparently it’s going to be 65 in February.

Here’s the plan:

Step 1: Run to Park Road Shopping Center

  • Run down Selwyn
  • Right on Brandywine
  • Right into the Park Road Shopping Center Parking lot by Michaels

Step 2: Run up and down in the Parking Lot 

  • You will enter the lot with approx. 2.3 miles completed
  • Take your first left and run the first row of the parking lot.
  • Then go to the next one and run back down toward the stores.
  • Repeat, going back and forth, but only go up and down the rows that go the full length of the parking lot (don’t run up and down the short ones). See diagram.
  • If you skip one, it’s OK. Just keep going up and down moving through the parking lot. You should finish when your watch reaches 3.8 miles.
  • When you hit 3.8 miles, exit the parking lot at the light at Park Road/Heather and run down Heather Lane.

Step 3: Finish the route

  • Take Heather Lane
  • Right on Jersey Lane (turns into Little Hope Road)
  • Right on Marsh
  • Left on Park
  • Left to Stay on Park (towards Ed’s Tavern)
  • Right to stay on Park (at the roundabout)
  • Right on East Blvd.
  • Straight to Queens
  • Up Hopedale, back into the lot.

Who doesn’t like running circles in a dark parking lot at 5 am?


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