A Tradition Like No Other

For the third consecutive year, the Fortress Pax have joined the men of Attila and Speed Ruck to meet up with FIA for a mini-convergence to celebrate the life of Poli (aka Ruth Samuelson, wife of Little W, mother of McGee and FIA’s Santiago, sister of El Cardinale & grandmother to Indie).

This tradition never ceases to surpass YHC’s expectations.  Once again, both F3 and FIA Pax turned out in large #’s to support the Samuelson family and honor the legacy of their matriarch.  At the end of the mini-convergence, Little W announced the family had created a website devoted to all of Poli’s speeches and other documents. It sounds like an incredible way to preserve her legacy.

Before and after the mini-convergence, YHC had to entertain the Fortress Pax.  Here is what we did.

The Thang

COP:  SSH/ Copperhead Squats/ Merkins/ Flutter

Head to Ferncliff – join Attila, Speedruck & FIA for mini-convergence.

Convergence ends with about 20 minutes left in the workout.
Up Ferncliff to Woodlark
Run to Randolph, stop at each Speed Bump for Plank Jacks
Run to Sharon Amity, stop at each fire hydrant for Jump Squats

Cross Sharon Amity to office complex
7’s around main building:  Merkins/ Squats

Mosey back to AO



The 2nd Wave of Pax is headed to Chimbote – please keep them in your thoughts & prayers.

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The Lake Norman region is dealing with the loss of their brother Schneider.  Story is he showed up as FNG and carried his keys with him throughout the workout which earned him the name of the character on the ’70’s tv show One Day At A Time who was the apartment super and carried many keys with him at all times.  In honor of Schneider’s passing, the LKN Pax carried keys with them during a workout.

Two messages that cannot be stressed enough:

First: Be smart about being safe when working out in the Gloom.  Safety lights, reflective gear and headlamps will make you visible to the cars on the road.

Second: The true gift of F3 is that it provides men the support network we need to get through the real-world challenges we face.  Don’t keep your struggles to yourself – reach out to your Shield Lock or just to the Pax in COT.  Your honesty will be met with the love and support you need.  None of us can do it alone and because of F3 none of us are ever alone.


YHC was a last minute sub for Stogie who was out after tweaking his back.  Rest up, Brother.

So we could participate in the mini-convergence, Fortress started 15 minutes early.  Most of the Fortress regulars heard the news but a few did show up for the normal 5:45AM start.  Luckily, Chowda is a top-notch Site Q and left directions for stragglers on where to find us.

GAAP carried a large plastic bag filled with running lights but with no batteries. He offered the battery-less lights out to the Pax during COT like they were party favors.  Considering this was the 6 year anniversary of Fortress’ soft launch and GAAP was one of the founders of Fortress, it makes sense.  Long live Fortress!  The best 5:45 AM Friday boot camp in all of Metro!

On that note, there is no better way to end this BB.  Especially since it now six days after the fact.

Truly appreciate Snowden and Chowda asking YHC to serve as the substi-Q on the is big day!


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